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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What's in a daybility part II

If you are just joining or reading this - read part I first.

My day usually begins with a horrifying sound, that makes my heart skip a beat. The next thought is pain, how much is it going to hurt to terminate the horrifying noise for another few minutes of sleep? The first few steps of the day usually sets the standard for the day, however, there are 3 tornadoes (my kids) that can alter anything.

My oldest is almost 16, middle son is 13, and the youngest is almost 11. My oldest has quite a few issues and has been difficult to manage being disabled. The middle guy is the wise guy and instigator of most events (although my oldest doesn't always need or require an instigator to be set off). The youngest is usually the victim - but, he too be manipulative and over emotional. My first duty of the morning is keeping the drama at bay. There is a lot of drama. Before most families get their first sips of coffee, I probably have 3 or more arguments, taken away utensils used in the wrong way, heard bickering to nth degree - do you get it I am STRESSED OUT!

My task is daunting if not impossible most days. The kids feed after one another and it snowball into physical altercations. They have to be in the car by 7:45 to get to school on time (they attend a private Christian school). Mornings are so STRESSFUL - By the time I return home (if I didn't run any errands after dropping them off) I am exhausted. I get home maybe 5 - 10 minutes and the phone starts ringing. I would love the lovely friends to call and chit chat (even those get interrupted). This child did this in school today, we need you to come in, or my personal favorite is your child made a list - you need to come NOW. There is always something going on (mostly negative) and prevents me from doing enjoyable home tasks. I have to put my friends on the calendar when I have lunch with them.

My life would be this way injured or not - but, no joke we feel that it unraveled our oldest beyond the brink. I understand there are chemical imbalance stuff going on, but when I wasn't allow to bear weight for all those months - he lost it and attacked me. The injury affects me, but it really had a crushing effect on my family.

WC (Workman's compensation) is wonderful for injuries requiring one or two steps. For patients who need much more care (like myself) should be able to make decisions regarding medical care that wouldn't affect coverage. Let me explain. A doctor recommends to surgically place plates, screws, and rods to fix or repair my damage to my foot,(this can't be done, it is just an example) but I learn that I have to give up running, volleyball, and most other stuff that is life to me. If I turn down that surgery - WC can close down my case and I am out of luck, my coverage stops and my paychecks stop. WC controls everything from who you see, when you see, how often you will see, and what will be done. You object to anything - case closed.

I would like to see some changes to protect us the patients. Right now the laws protect the insurance company and believe me when I say it isn't worth getting hurt at work. There is NO big pay out - Trust me! I had so many doctors with PHYSICAL proof that NO ONE PERSON on the planet could fake. I think the laws should change once there is proof of circulatory, temp regulation issues, loss of hair, loss of feeling, a limb looking dead - is a fairly good indication that more needs to be done and the patient isn't faking. Not that I want to endure another surgery, but if it would make my leg sturdier, stronger and make it possible for me to run and play - I should be able to make that decision and WC pay for it.

There are many people being hurt at work everyday - WC is NOT easy to deal with - they think right from the start that the injured is faking it. They are nasty, and down right control freaks and they will blatantly tell you that - they control ALL of your medical care. So if you have a chance to speak up to make changes - you may be helping a lot of families get the care they desperately need. It would be nice if WC and long term patients can cooperate together for the common good of what the patient needs.

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