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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I am sticking with that

Jaden, Jaden, Jaden you are the most unique boy I know on the planet and love you like crazy. Is how I would start this letter to Jaden's new wife (hahahahaha) years to come please. But the story starts with Jaden out in the backyard 3 days after the start of 5th grade. Get a tissue or use the restroom before reading the next paragraph. I warned you...
So we believe in child slavery (mean parents that we are) and had the kids do some yard detail by picking up some sticks from a recent storm. Stick collecting is one of Jaden's favorite hobbies and he seems so in the zone and focused on this particular task. So, we are all doing our things and all of a sudden I hear Shawn yell "Jaden you ok" and again "Jaden you ok" and then heavy workboots quickly making their way off the deck - so now I am running out of the house how much is he bleeding, keep pressure on it, bring him in the house while I collect emergency supplies. Picture me running through the house getting alcohol, blood test kit, for his diabetes, paper towels, etc. Now, I am winded from getting things together as they walk into the house. Jaden is screaming and holding his forehead. I am thinking the worst, oh but something is missing - where's the blood????
Several blood curling screaming minutes went by and Jaden wouldn't let us look at the damage or tell us what happened. So I went up to Jaden and pulled a few fingers back to find NOTHING - absolutely NOTHING. UMPH, what is wrong with this child??? So, I ask him to tell me what happened and I quote his story "Daddy wants all the sticks collected and I was trying to fix this one stick - which was GONNA be my special stick and it BROKE" His comment was soo sassy and full of anger, but was he hurt? We now see the beginnings of a knot on his forehead - so furthing inquiry was needed, but we have to check out the rest of him and God please grant peace on this child to calmly tell me what happened.
A few jokes and pokes later Jaden seems fine, so I start to ask what happened and he told me "I was trying to fix this stick and it broke" ok, but I didn't get or understand the crying - does your head hurt? was my reply "NO, my stick is broken" ok, you let me know if your head hurts so if you need tylenol I can give it to you "NO, MY STICK BROKE" and he started to cry again.
Oh, I get it now you are crying because your stick broke and that you are NOT hurt??? YES!!! oh brother, this child needs to get out more.
This whole scene was probably spanned about 10 - 15 minutes maximum - and we are still laughing at the fact that he was crying for his stick being hurt - I think he wanted me to offer bandages and tylenol to the stick and mad at me that I didn't offer that for the sake of the stick. We explained that the Lord makes all things, some fall, some rise, some are weak, and some break, but in the end it is what God made it to be. He will make more sticks and some are going to be weak, and some are going to be strong, but it's journey has already been planned, so you need no worry that a stick has broken, there are other stronger ones along the way.
Well, Jaden wanted to stick with that stick and nothing else mattered. What a unique child

stay posted - I have a lot more blogs coming - I am having a difficult time medically and with Jaden in school so I will post when I can. Stay tuned though

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