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Monday, September 27, 2010

tough day

Ok, I need a cool off session. I make all these plans, schedules, appointments, and a lot of other stuff. Today the kids were working on their crew and room charges and a bickering fight insued. I was trying to get both the boys to stop and all of a sudden Gage decided to attack Addison and smash his head into the sliding glass door, I am trying to call 911 but, no phone service. they separate 20 minutes later out of the blue another fight insues. Gage was going to make phone calls, but decided to slam the phone down and attack Addison while he was paying no attention. He slammed Addison's head multiple times into the glass door. I jump up to split the two and Gage pushed me to the side like I was dust.

Gage decided to run away once he heard the police were coming. So they picked him up and he feels that he had every right to physically attack another person. I am hoping that the bruising on Addison will allow a teacher to call authorities. This job as a mother is hard and turning in your own kid feels awful. I would rather someone else report the after effects (bruising) and make Gage accountable for his actions. It is the only way to save Gage and develop something that could be one day special.

take care and another blog will be sent out soon

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Skye said...

OMG that is terrible! I hope everything is ok!