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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Blah, blah, blah - BLOG

Well, another month has rolled on and not much has changed in services for Gage. Although a disappointing report (both in findings and wording) came in and basically stated that Gage is STABLE enough for a home environment. I still haven't finished reading the report because it was obvious (to me) that the case manager wasn't supporting me. Several times in one paragraph "... the mother believes...". Well I thought they were on my side, I thought WE all believed and WE all were working together. The report has been in my home for 5-6 weeks and I just can't seem to move past it or finish reading past the 2nd page of a 6 - 8 page report. I need prayer to work through this.

Through this blog I have learned a lot. Thanks to my readers, though nobody would know you exist, because, nobody is logged on as a follower. So click on the "follow" link, so that I don't think I am typing to myself or making a fool of myself.

My biggest fear was mentioned by a few of you in individual e-mails and I was able to get a case manager on my side, FINALLY. I had a big fear and concern and it felt like nobody was listening (for years actually). My fear was that society (including schools and our government) is training kids with emotional or psychological disabilities that our communities, citizens local and government (society) needs to FIT THEM IN; due to their dis-ability of inappropriate display of emotions. That is all well and good, but logistically some of these kids are not physically handicapped. My belief is that they need to be trained in how to FIT INTO society and become manageable citizens of society. Why are we training perfectly abled persons to be handicapped and not enabling them to be successful (I am referring to the law "No child left behind)?. My friend's daughter is physically handicapped and in a wheelchair. The entire time I have known this family the school had been training her to be enabled as an active member of society like she isn't different. My son had to go to an out of district placement for safety reasons, but is being trained that society has to fit him in. So, this earmarks our "NEW" journey of fighting to get our son to "FIT IN" and have the best fighting chance to go to college like he wants. I don't care if he starts at county, but right now, he attends a school pretty far away and I don't think it is a college preparatory type school - he doesn't do any research or grammar papers. No science labs, or history projects. I am worried that with college looming in TWO years that not teaching him time limits, writing papers, following detailed instructions that we are setting him up for failure even if it is at county. He doesn't even know the first thing about time management and understanding those boundaries will help him with understanding himself first and then apply them to his life and studies. Please follow me in this journey together and feel free to leave comments or encouraging words of wisdom - I can use all the help I can get!
So because I have nothing else to do - I will be fighting for our son to change to a different school that will teach him how to fit into society. So, if you pray; please hold me near and dear in your prayer - I will need all of my faith to get through this.

My blog is so blah, blah, blah so I will be making some changes and hope you enjoy them. I will be having a surgery next week with another on the heels of that one. There may be other procedures in the following months and college in January to finish getting my Masters. On top of all, that we are heading into the Christmas season. So keep following... until next time...

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