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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Got to believe to receive

Merry Christmas everyone. For those of you that are just joining - I have three boys 10, 13, & 15. They are ultra cool this year because supposedly they don't believe. I was told countless times - "to stop", "I was being annoying." So, we didn't really wrap stuff up in private thinking they ***pause with gasp*** didn't believe in the magic of Christmas anymore. I told all of them in order to recieve they need to believe.

Because of how incredibly organized I am and the quality neatness of my humble abode, everything was already wrapped, tied up in bows, and we could relax. Bahahabahahaha, this is me we are talking about. Several tornadoes blew into our home over the last several years, a few bombs have gone off and we have never recovered. My home is never meant to be in a Home and Garden magazine. We really had no plans of any kind, so around 9:30 we told the kids to get ready for bed.

Around 9:30 / 10:00 my 10 year old (Jaden) came down to take his meds. He looked around and looked strange (I already know I have weird kids) so I didn't question. Then out of the blue he said, where are the cookies? I told him it was time for bed and let's go. Then he said in a low voice (not quite a whisper) - "I want to put out the cookies and milk".

As you can imagine, my heart sank and swelled at the same time - this will probably be his last year of believing. I live in fear every year that I have done some irreprepable damage to my kids (by not getting them something off their list) or not doing something special enough, or lying to them. The list goes on and on.

We were thinking of doing the three wise men this year, but I am glad we didn't. There is something magical about Christmas - I want my kids to have happy memories and the reason why Christmas is so special. We believe Jesus was born on this day, we believe Jesus was perfect in every way, we believe in celebrating Christmas day. Jesus is the reason for this season.

I think my kids believe in Christmas for all the right reasons - Do you believe to receive? if not, it is never too late. Merry Christmas everyone - Happy Birthday Jesus. ... Do all the good you can... As often as you can ... to as many as you can... Until next time.

Blessings, Diane

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