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Monday, December 27, 2010

Great!! Just what i wanted

Merry Christmas again. I can't stand kids who expect to receive something and then they pout when they get something they don't like. I have two disabled younger brothers and my brother who lives in a type of assisted living is grateful for everything he has and is given. He is also VERY willing to work, and work hard to earn money. He has Williams Syndrome. My other brother, Bobby has Asperger's Syndrome and expects to be bailed out of everything. He doesn't appreciate anything including my mom, who has done everything to help him. So, naturally I have a gauge of what I don't want for my boys, but if they are disabled I want them to appreciate everything and do everything they are capable of - work to their full potential. I believe and was raised to think that NOTHING in life should be handed to anyone, unless the person is unable. When I was unable, my state wasn't willing to help me - when the doctor said "Diane is disabled" even when I paid my own hard earned money into SS (that will be a few posts on their own). My brother Bobby gets money every month to sit and play video games and can work - he just doesn't want to - I want to work and can't. Anyway, we were at a family gathering for Christmas and surprisingly my kids were very well behaved. I was a proud momma... until...

I don't know when it turned sour - I was just so proud that, I didn't have to threaten, do timeouts, remove a present (for a few hours), leave unexpectedly, etc. My brothers on the other hand, had created a few embarrassing moments (thankfully, my kids didn't see any of the scenes). It became time to open and share gifts. My kids came in and took a seat next to us. My kids took gifts, but to me it appeared they weren't saying thank you when they received the gift and give an additional thank you of excitement that "oh, wow I love your gift thank you" whether they had 10 of that item or completely hated it. I am sorry, but that behavior aggravates the ***bleep*** of me.

When my mom started handing out gifts (see photo) 
this is how they looked. Regardless, my mom took the boys shopping, and spent some time to make this day special (this year - she really tried much harder than any other year) for them. I was incredibly upset with their behavior, because they can work things out among themselves later. They had done it earlier today. We started a new tradition - hiding a pickle ornament and the person who found it received a special gift (this year it was an e-reader). Addison found the ornament and later told Gage (who loves to read) that he can have the pickle gift. I knew they were capable of working things out. So when my mom gave gifts out they got mixed up and really they are going to the same house, so does it matter? I learned today that my kids are ungrateful and will probably be a menace to society.

I mean look at these sour pouts on them - you wouldn't know that they just received gifts totaling more than $150.00 and really does that really matter??? Would you actively sit at someones house with these faces??? (see photo left). So, now I have to do something extreme - I think personal thank you notes are in order this year. My kids have to understand how much time and thought went into giving the gifts they received.

What would you do if these were your kids (now mind you if there were a clock in the room, you would have seen that at least 10 - 15 minutes had gone by between the two photos, so they were poised in this position for sometime and it was embarrassing. Should I take the gifts they were ungrateful for? I really want to send the message home that no matter what is given (even in life) you should be thankful and show you are grateful and gratitude even if you completely dislike something.

I am grateful for all of you who read this and intend to reply to my e-mail - but, please leave a public comment - there may be other families reading this and think your idea is a great one. I am grateful no matter a private e-mail or a public comment.

Do all the good you can... To all you can... and as often as you can... Blessings, Diane

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