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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Farmers wanted... REALLY

This is a silly post - but, we are very serious.

We have for the last 5 or 6 years hatched some sort of water fowl. I have a nasty duck (we love him, he just bites everyone else except for us) and a very loving goose - so, we really don't need anymore at the moment, but we love the miracle of hatching and we want to hatch this year. We would like to be responsible and have homes set up BEFORE we start the journey this year. Do you have room in your inn?

I have bought eggs on ebay with excellent success and bought from reputable breeders with less success. We have done call ducks with 100% hatch and survival rate, pekin ducks, mallards, sebastopol geese.

We would love the chance to hatch a Emu or an Ostrich egg (we have a cabinet incubator) nothing professional or anything, but it will accommodate at least one or two eggs. Obviously, we can't raise that kind of animal in our home, so we need to find a farm who will give us the opportunity to hatch and return the baby when it arrives safely.

Here is the fine print: We are NOT willing to ship live animals - we must meet each other and set the terms of agreement. We also aren't willing to assume all financial burden it will be 50 - 50. We are not professionals, but we take pride and every precaution we can for hatching and things beyond my control can and will happen - we want the same thing you want - precious little babies. Do you want friendly ducks to be on your pond by your house? Let me know, we can help give you friendly ducks. We are willing to meet, but not drive more than an hour (so you would have to be willing to drive an hour too. We are Northwest NJ - Morris County - Sussex County

Please contact me via email to personally discuss this matter. The eggs are laying and time is ticking away

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