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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I got snowed

If you live in the, Northwest part of the United States you know this title is fitting for any mom, let alone any mom with children with special needs. Weekly and consistant snow and ice are keeping our children from attending school.

It was nice for the first two, but now the weekly worse than last weeks storms are killing me. Don't get me wrong I LOVE snow, and I have to admit, I love my kids - I would rather they be in school instead of being home fighting with each other and myself.

Everybody wants my attention at the same time for something different and for reasons unknown, I can't do it all. I do try and fail massively and someone ends up with hurt feelings. Today our middle son was on a mission of self preservation of being the "BEST" child. He tattled on everything. My youngest insisted on breaking several things useful for conditions outside and doesn't know how or why they broke and of course the ever - "I didn't do it". Our oldest is good at sneaking around causing trouble where it isn't necessary. He is good at threats and physical fighting.

So, now imagine being home with all of this for TWO DAYS straight, while hubby is working. It took me hours to clean up the mess (the breakfast) that they had - that seemed to span two to three rooms. My house isn't ever ready for Good Housekeeping, and will never be - but the mess was enough to make the best of man to gasp. ***OOOOHHHHH MY********

Help I am snowed in and can't get away from my own children or house - spring please come early.

Until next time.

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