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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Someone's Hero

On a sunny spring day, birds are chipping away at the dawn of a new day. My feet nervously hit the floor for the pain that is about to hit like a Mack truck. It takes a few minutes to get used to my legs as I take my shower, get dressed for success for the day to come. I walk through my empty kitchen as I pick up the whirlwind of three tornados that had left minutes earlier. The dogs are disappointed in having to go into their crate, like every weekday - I assure them the boys will be home early. I murmur a prayer to God to get me through the day - I wouldn't have any IEP meetings, nor any meetings - not today, TODAY would be the day I become a hero.

I have been guiding young lads and ladies to go off to college to be their own success and also guiding individuals needing special educational plans to give everything their best for success. I love my job, dedicated to helping young adults merge into society as prospects for a great future - a future I am going to grow old in. However, today would be different, today I plan on being someones hero.

I have gone over this all in my head, day after day, and today has been planned; what seems all of my life - I drive the two hours and recite my speech from memory, but it won't be the same when there will be literally thousands of people, reporters, tv news crews, and then the gossip people, they call themselves a reporter - I know differently. They are going to make me look bad at every angle they can - it is their job and well, I have to do mine.

I have been on the road a long time, but the beautiful scents that spring is here, is a very freeing thought. My imagination is running wildly, that I miss a turn and I start to unravel just a bit. Then as fear seeps through me as I realize I am lost, then I see it - my worst nightmare is happening in front of me.

This is what needs to change, this is what I put my whole heart and soul into. I see a group of young kids surrounding a very scared boy. They are yelling at him, as the poor child is sobbing, then they lurch at him and laugh as he fell to the ground, and off in the distance is an adult it appears she sees what is going on, she will run over to the boy's aid and get these unruly kids into the school principal's office to face some sort of punishment. Now, the group of kids are taunting the boy and the adult turns her back and walks further away. I honk my horn to no avail. I have to go in - Just as I get out of the car, the kids all scatter, leaving behind a frightened boy with no self esteem. I try to get over to him and he sulks off and mixes with all the other students. Hurt that I wasn't the hero for that child, I stuff myself back into my car and I am more determined - to be someones hero.

The Press Conference is set to happen at Noon, I am so anxious my feet can barely stay in my shoes. The press secretary introduces the Governor and the Governor states the reason for the press release and announces my name. My whole life has come to this - this very nauseous moment - everyone MUST be able to see my heart pounding out of my chest as I stride carefully up the steps towards the podium. I was a nobody... until this very moment.

What??? I want the same things as everyone else - World Peace. Well, on a really small scale actually. You see, society has created this law that everyone is entitled to a free education. How many of you come to realize that the free education your children are entitled to is run like the survival of the fittest? Well, if you haven't given that a thought, think again. Kids are cruel and if you don't fit in - you will pecked to death, by insults, threats, pushing, shoving, teasing, etc. My goal of today is to get the ADULTS, parents, teachers, staff, etc. to recognize the pattern of bullying and take an active role in getting those students into programs and or special anger management schools. There would be rules for the adults as well. Any adult that turns a shoulder to any bullying, is grounds for dismissal of active teaching duties, until a proper investigation is done. The press conference goes very well, there is a plan in place, to protect all children. Child abuse is illegal, why would it be different if a peer was abusing a fellow peer - abuse is exactly abuse. It shouldn't have any prejudices, but it does. This is the legacy I want to lead - stop bullying, stop child abuse among same aged peers. What is illegal for one group, should be illegal across all the groups.

Well, this is what my dream my legacy I wish to leave behind, would look like - EVERY child getting a FREE and SAFE education; that is not survival of the fittest. God would want this for all of his children, I believe in it and I do have plans on finishing my masters and try to leave a legacy behind that would make it possible for me to be "Someone's Hero"

What would you want your legacy to be? what do you want to be remembered for? What kind of hero are you waiting for or inspiring to be?

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Mary Ann said...

Awesome post. You have a beautiful vision of what the learning atmosphere for children should be. I hope you keep vigilant and passionate about this very important issue. You ARE the hero and champion of the undefended children on playgrounds and classrooms everywhere. They need you. Keep on keeping on!