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Saturday, March 12, 2011

N Y Crazy - not to happy with this post ;^(

It's Thursday night, in the middle of winter and the weatherman predicts near springtime temps for the coming weekend. After hearing some interesting things on display throughout the city, I mention, oh we should go in for the day. After hemming and hawing whether to drive or take the train - we woke up and decided to take the train.

Train comes down the tracks and the kids are giddy with excitement, because it is the double-decker train. Thinking we struck gold, since the kids are so excited - just about the stinkin train, the momovision kicks in and I know it's going to be a good day (remember our day really hasn't started, LOL). So, between here and there - there are about 15 stops. About the fifth stop we realized something, big was happening. People were all decked out in Green, silly antennas, and stacks and stacks of lunch bags. We are NOT CITY folk, so we had no clue about the lunch sacks, hahahaha laugh it up.

Pretty soon there was standing room only, and we are on the double decker train. So, we are laughing at all the costumes people are wearing and then a group of college boys with foul mouths and body odor to boot - pull out these MASSIVE cans of beer. Now, we know what the lunch bags are for, but since there wasn't room to move everyone was just enjoying them out in the open. We were whispering about it between us, when one set of ears repeated the end of the last comment loudly. We flashed some smiles and let it go. All the people on the train were going to Hoboken for the St. Patty's Day Parade.

There was no set plan, just enjoy the day and get some sites in, and I wanted to see the giant sheep & flowers - a radio station said would be in Times Square. I figured we would try and go to a museum to say we went. We found the sheep after many inquisitive looks - no wonder, the sheep weren't gigantic at all, but they were made out of paper and they were pretty cool looking. We went to Planet Hollywood for lunch and that was pretty good. They had good french fries. At some point, one of the kids mentioned wanting to see the subway.

Ah, why not! We watched a train come and go. Now they want to go on it. Well, Shawn wanted nothing to do with it - the maps were so intimidating, but I said why not. We bought two hour tickets for everyone and a train comes in - the one we need. Addison, Jaden, and the door starts to shut and I jump on. Gage was stuck at the gate, his metro card gave him trouble and ultimately separated the entire family, in a SUBWAY, in New York CITY. You want to see a panicked mother - separate her from her husband, with two special needs children, in a subway LOST in New York.

I tried stuffing my fear somewhere within me, told the kids NOT to let go of me, and gosh darn you better stay clear of the yellow line (I may push you myself, LOL) if you know NY you know what the yellow line is. Anyway, I tried to call Shawn and no answer - he had no cell service (we have the same provider), so I texted him where we were and we were shortly reunited. I swear all the people could see my heart pounding through my clothes. All that is well, ends well. We got to where we wanted, I think. NOPE, we wanted to go the the Natural History museum. A street vendor suggested we take a cab (and that we would all fit - the five of us) over. Again, Shawn said "NO" I was actively looking for a cab. Finally, a cab dropped people off and I see Shawn jumping into the cab, OK. We would have had more room in a clown car - It was way worse than a can of sardines (that may have even smelled better too, LOL). They really need to invest in fabreze or something. Next, time I am bring lysol.

The cabbies really do drive crazy - we laughed and laughed the entire ride, couple head buts, window smashes and we're laughing - the day was just so funny. When I opened the door in the front of the museum I basically fell out, on my feet. it was just so funny. I can't remember the last time our family had such a good laugh. Once, we got into the museum, they were awestruck.

The kids were in awe of the dinosaur bones and some other exhibits. We were exhausted, our legs couldn't go too much further, so it was time to go home. We looked for a subway, which, now happens to be Shawn's favorite route of transportation while in the city. Now, we know how it works and it is quicker and gets you where you want to be. We now wait for everyone to get through the gate since a train comes through like every 10 - 20 minutes.

It was at this time Jaden started to unravel his medicine ran out (quick run for the hills) - and I used the example of being separated on the train, that made a huge difference and I knew that he was worried when we were in the subway. So, originally we weren't doing anything, then we ended up in NYC having the best time of my life with my kids. We dabbled in just about everything and the best thing - we brought our children out in public and they didn't embarrass us at all - I consider that a great training session. One everyone enjoyed.

I want to hear about a trip you took off the cuff and had a lot of fun - the best day of your life!

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Skye said...

Haha - You are a brave person going near the city for the St. Patties Day parade! But it sounds like you had a decent time! :)