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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hello and welcome. There are so many reasons to why I decided to make our family pain out and in the open. It is like coming out of the closet. Please remember that we are a FAMILY, we have made huge mistakes, and that WE are under the care of doctors and therapist out the wazoo. Please do NOT use this blog to diagnose, treat, or use medication without the express permission of a licensed Psychiatrist or doctor.

I will start by breaking down our background information and hopefully I will be able to regularly start blogging. Again, not really looking for anything specific, I have tried everything else and maybe a regular log of stuff, will communicate to something to Gage and his brothers. Some people sing, some dance, I type. I have 3 or 4 hard drives filled with letters, but these letters are letters of anger, confusion, and a lot of pain. I haven't decided how I am going to plug those in, however, they are full of information.

Shawn and I, met in January 1987 and believe it or not it was a trip down to the N.J. shore and I was going on a blind date with his single friend at the time (whom I dated for many years, obviously it didn't work out, LOL). We became best friends and spent hours on the phone. I kept trying to fix him up with some friends and at some point thought "what am I stupid to let him be with someone else"? We got married August 28, 1994 and it was the best day of the beginning of the rest of my life. We had decided to wait to start a family (due to a doctor surprising diagnosis three weeks before we married) for at least two years, maybe more since we had just bought a foreclosure house. Supposedly, I wasn't able to conceive until after I had a procedure done and a year or so of healing following the procedure. No, problem.
September, October, were unremarkable – just loved being married. I was more than happy with a growing waistline to prove it. The procedure was set for middle of November, so when we were ready my body would be healthy and strong. NOT. Sometime during the pre-surgical testing, I was pregnant with a due date of July 3, 1995. WHAT??? HOW???

Tune in; next time for the rest of the background information


skye said...

Looking forward to your blog Diane!

skye said...

p.s. your "Followers" thing is missing on the side... not sure if you removed it on purpose but it's gone... no one else can click to follow your cool blog!