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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I have what, you need to, what DELIVER???

Ok, last I left you with I was pregnant and due in July 1995. Yes, you did read that the doctor told me I couldn't conceive, but what wasn't mentioned that there were two other forms of protection involved ON TOP of not being able to conceive. I don't talk a lot about the main issue, but I had stage 4 abnormal cells and had surgery a few times – that is all I wish to discuss about that.

No need for that surgery now, and this should have been the last sign to question this doctor. I know what you are all thinking who in the world is this doctor? So we can avoid this group. Well, we never did anything legally, but I don't need any kind of slander suit now against us – it is best to let it go at this point. Just interview your group of doctors and really, really ask important questions of what ifs. If you don't feel comfortable in asking, then that group is NOT for you.Now, what???? We were beyond shocked and stunned. Everything goes fine (well, according to the doctor) until March. I was gaining (even when I didn't know I was pregnant) weight by the hour. I would go through a woman's size every few days (but, I wasn't eating more food) once I found out about the pregnancy I got maternity clothes. Thanks to all for the donations (yes, 15 years later I am still thanking you). So, March marched in and due to premature dilation I was forced on bed rest. But, not due to my weight gain or high blood pressure or other serious complaints I had (blurry vision, seeing stars occasionally, and some non-mentionable). 
Near the end of March, I was in minor (very minor, but everything seems so much worse when you're pregnant) rear end car accident (multiple cars) and I was taken to the hospital to be sure everything was ok. I had been pulled out of work a few days earlier for bed rest, they were preventing premature labor (who were they kidding). By the beginning of May I had gained over a 100 pounds and I was miserable. I could only sleep in the bathtub that was filled with water. Shawn would wake up and put warm water so I could sleep. Finally, May 23, 1995 I demanded that the doctor do something to help me, I was in so much pain (no not labor). Well, grudgingly, the doctor sent Shawn and I down to Morristown Memorial and the testing began. Now we are in Labor and Delivery, (like the ER) it seems like hours for anything to happen. It was like two hours before they drew my blood and another 5 (just sayin it was a long time) before the doctor had any results. We were having an ultrasound done when the doctor barged in through the doors and took my gurney and started running down the hallways of the hospital telling us how sick I am and that they had to take the baby no matter the development, it was to save my life – blah, blah, blah. I don't think at any point I thought about anything (I don't know what Shawn was thinking) – I think, we were too stunned for words or concern. At some point, a nurse had gotten on the gurney with me to prep me for surgery (while we are running in the hallway, well this is what I remember). If Shawn would like to post the blank spot, fine – I was pretty much unconscious for I think three days.
The next three days are a blur and I have no recollection. I had developed H.E.L.L.P syndrome (no have no idea what it means) which is like a severe form of toxemia. Anyway, several organs had shut down and stopped functioning or barely functioning. I knew something was wrong from the very beginning and the doctor thought I was leaving stuff out of my diet log book (and I wasn't missing anything, every morsel was counted for). Coulda, woulda, and shoulda, was my vocabulary for a long time. I was the worst surviving H.E.L.L.P patient Morris County has ever had and the 2nd in New Jersey. They had no idea if we, (the baby and or I) would show signs of the ordeal, just a wait and see game.

Oh, you want the information on the baby??? Well, it was a bouncing baby boy weighing in at 5.9 (which is amazing, the hospital was expecting under 5 pounds) and very healthy. He was released before I was. So, the pregnancy wasn't an expected plan through and through. The delivery was very much less planned, if that makes any sense, and today Gage is well … keep reading my blog. Regardless, Gage is here and made his statement during the entire process and still is. Until next time…

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