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Friday, July 30, 2010

Lions, Tigers, and BEARS – oh my!!!!

We all survived the first year, Gage had his first illness at 18 mos. an ear infection. He was a gorgeous toddler most of the time he was all smiles, but boy did he not like the word "NO". Most parents that I talked to, said they were shocked their own kids didn't think their names started with NO. So, we are normal. You really do wonder though.
Year two. Gage is pretty active and when his feet hit the floor he ran in the opposite direction that I wanted him too. He isn't talking at all and walks on his toes, but I am being patient. Well, I knew something wasn't right – I start with a specialist. It always best to start early with any problem and we were expecting delays or issues due to his premature birth. We have a speech delay and possible learning delays. I am about to busier, Gage has a brother or sister coming.
Addison (a boy) came late about a week and was born on October 5, 1997 by c-section (no not planned – I wanted v-back), but he was a big boy 8 lb 6oz. He had the chubbiest cheeks. Another stunning beautiful boy. There were absolutely no issues during the pregnancy – overall a dream, yet Addison is about to turn our world upside down for over two years. At just a few weeks Addison ran 103 fever and was admitted to the hospital He had RSV that developed into pneumonia. We were home for a week and he developed projectile vomit – back in the hospital. Addison basically lived the first three years of his life in the hospital. It was absolutely amazing to hear him talk at 9 months and talk in 3 word sentences by 1 year. He was also walking at 9.5 months and running within a week. I made the decision to have Addison's tonsils removed hoping it would help reduce his illnesses and get some hearing back. Our pediatrician was less than thrilled by my decision, but we felt we had nothing to lose. It was the best decision ever – Addison has not returned to the hospital for an overnight since. His last sets of tubes were allowed to fall out and no further tubes would be replaced. There were several miracles we experienced with Addison, which brought us new faith in the walk of Christ. Addison started pre-school at a Christian School, which he still attends today. Addison loves sports, being outside, daddy's helper and just about everything he tries he does well. Sorry I need to brag a little – Addison tests post high school for most subjects. He is entering 8th grade, but should be in 7th. You will hear more about Addison in blogs to come that may fill in some of the holes.
At three Gage starts preschool for children with special needs – may God bless those teachers. Gage definitely gave them a run for their money. He was very active and devious. I had told one of the case managers, that I felt Gage didn't want to make us happy. He seemed to go out of his way to frustrate us. Well, the case manager shot back with "every child wants to please their parents", I had no idea that years later that those FEELINGS meant something to a doctor (I will blog in depth at a later time). I was mad at the case manager; I felt she didn't listen to the real under lying issue. I can't explain it even here in this blog still today. So, when small behavior issues started in pre-k, I kept the mind frame that "Gage wants to please". There isn't anything "wrong" it is somewhat "normal" for a boy to be all over the place.
One day I got a phone call that would make any parents heart stop. Gage had been poking other children with thumb tacks. We are guessing that this was over a period of a month or more, before some parents were complaining about teeny tiny wounds like a needle mark on their kids. One day they caught Gage in the act and out of nowhere he grabbed a pair of scissors and ran. They tell me he went after several children, but was quickly unarmed him without incident. They told me I didn't need to be concerned. Well, I was VERY concerned and from there on out, (again I felt) we were the outcast of the preschool, except for one family. Praises to the Lord, they have been there for support and a good ear to cry my woes still today. They have 5 children; their oldest daughter has spina bifida. What amazing grace the whole family has. They too have three children with special needs and each one is so unique. We can relate so well. We were pregnant together which is kind of how we met – Her baby was due in March mine April. She had a girl and I had a boy, Jaden (April 29, 2000). Now I had three kids under the age of 5 (it was only a few weeks, but technically they were all under 5). Jaden almost needs his own blog too. I am going to wrap up this blog up for today.
The next blog should finish up the background information of where everything started to the best of my recollection. I named this Lions, tigers, and bears after the temperaments we had given to each child. Still to this day the temperaments are exactly as their labels. If you keep up – you should know which child fits which animal. Until next time – may this reach you and your family in good health, God bless.

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