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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Oh, BOY is he cute!!!!

The two pictures along the side are of Gage, but they are photographed photos (are you following that?) right from a scrapbook page. They came out ok considering. Well, if I may be so bold – Gage was the cutest darned baby I had ever seen in my life. His features all were perfect right down to the peach fuzz on his adoring face. 10 fingers, 10 toes, a perfect nose, two eyes (beautiful blue) with long lashes, the cutest little ears, and well defined finger nails had me breathless and awed for weeks. But, before filling in the years to come – need to finish the abrupt finish of the day and week Gage was born.

Last I left you, with the picture of us running down the hallways of the hospital, nurse on gurney, doctor informing two hollow shells of parents to be (Shawn and I). I am terrified of needles, remember that nurse on the gurney? Yeah, well she was trying to insert TWO IV's. We all know how well doctors steer gurneys (they really should teach them in Medical school, but hey most of their patients are drugged when a gurney is involved, LOL). I believe I had a minor meltdown, but I don't know what happened (apparently, they got the IV line they needed).

I don't remember anything other than what I told you so far, so these thoughts are what people have told me happened. There was a problem in securing the ER at first, but that gave them some time to stabilize me (if the doctors had listened to me we would have probably NEVER reached life and death situation, NO,NO remember I am leaving stuff out of my log on purpose – yeah, lying comes to mind which is a good way to start a baby's life, STUPID doctor). Anyway, they took Gage (emergency c-sect) under general anesthesia and he was fine. I don't know his apgar scores, I just know someone told me numbers to appease me, (yeah, I guess it is ok for them to lie to me). He was a little jaundice, but nothing spectacularly wrong. It always comes back to me! When they were finished they brought the baby out to see the family and whisked him away for further testing and everybody was reunited with Gage soon after. I wasn't so lucky – I needed ICU care, but the baby isn't allowed to go up to ICU. They weren't sure I would try to pull through without contact with Gage. I was on massive amounts of Magnesium and had some sort of reaction not real clear on this and it was decided to set up a bay close to the nurse's station in Labor and Delivery like an ICU so Gage could come spend time with me when family came. When family came in to visit they had to get into full sterile garb with face mask (it wasn't for Gage's sake, it was to see me). I was in ICU for three days and I had no clue as to what happened, I woke up and I had this baby boy and I was the last person on the planet to know he arrived. Everyone knew what I had, what happened and I had no clue. On the fourth day, they starting pulling things – that was the first time family realized I was improving by leaps and bounds and within a few hours I was able to have my own room, but not allowed to hold Gage unless family or a nurse was with me the whole time. Day 5 and I just had ONE IV left and yay! I was allowed to get up out of bed – what the heck did they do? I felt like I was hit by a bus, ok maybe a train. Maybe getting out of bed wasn't such a great idea and there are people who get up the first day – I had 5 days, in bed no less. The doctor comes in and asks if I have help and YES, family not to far away – I had no idea he meant a 24 hour nurse. He goes over stuff very fast and my brain stops functioning when he tells me I lost 60 pounds in 3 days, AWESOME I am thinking. Well it is awesome if a nurse is caring for you, but I am going home to care for this NEW baby. Just where do you think those 60 pounds came from??? The nurses packed me a care package: which was super absorbent blankets, women care stuff, baby stuff, and etc. Well my first night home, well was quite the experience I was having night sweats – ok, I will be honest night pooling. Now, I understood why she packed me quite a few of those heavy blankets I needed to be changed every few hours and I couldn't get up by myself either. I swore I would never do this again. Moving off this topic to Gage's first few years. I am never going to do what got me into this mess again – I swore up and down.

So Gage's first year was quite the struggle. He cried almost all the way through it. They tell me he was a colicky baby and I never bought that. I mean he would cry and nothing – nothing would or could console him. He didn't enjoy being held, hugged or snuggled. When he wasn't screaming he was an absolutely happy baby. I loved those days. He reached most of his milestones late, but doctors kept pointing out that he was premature, just be patient. Gage started walking at around 17 months with difficulty, but again I was told to be patient. Gage had signs of lots of things and he was so young and I was constantly being told to "be patient". If you know me NOW, then you know; I knew long before this that we were headed towards major issues – so should we be patient and let it all pass by us and let them run amuck. Tune in next time for the last background pieces of information of Gage. He is 15 so I will ramble through stages pretty quick so I can post blogs that are current and less boring.

This blog was written while I was traveling on route 80 at about 65 miles an hour. We decided to stay overnight at a hotel (we have already switched rooms and it just not clean enough) to watch the baseball game and pick up Addison and hopefully get a visit in to see our dearest friend Pat and Norma.


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skye said...

Wow you have been through alot! You are a trooper and so is your husband and son! :)